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Here’s our story

It was the weekly friends get-together that sparked our journey. The simple act of coming together suddenly felt challenging.
The endless opportunities of the digital era have limited our human interactions.
This got us thinking, how can we unplug every now and then to engage with the world around us?
Fast forward to today, and then came NOW. We created a way to be reminded of simple pleasures and what keeps us present.
Why NOW matters
NOW is a social platform encouraging real-life experiences and getting out of the digital world. It is where people go to find like-minded communities to foster new relationships and create moments together. NOW provides a safe and welcoming space to confidently build friendships and empower connections.

A place
getting you


Join a Clique

A clique is a group of people who come together based on common interests and the desire to hang out with one another.

Get everyone together

Hangouts are real life events. Start hangouts with your cliques and friends when you want to get everyone together.
Share your favorite spots around the world and find your next hangout location.